Beverage Station                                         $1.99 pp

Choose TWO non-alcoholic beverages.

Iced tea, Coffee, Lemonade, or Hot Tea.

~ Water always included ~


Creme Brulee                                                $4 - pp

Topped with 100% maple syrup & black Hawaiian

lava salt.


Chocolate Trilogy                                          $7 - pp

White, milk, & dark chocolate mousses on a chocolate

genoise, soaked in grand mariner, with 

dark chocolate shavings.


Tiramisu                                                         $8 - pp 

Chocolate & vanilla ladyfingers soaked in coffee

& cognac, mascarpone cheese, & cacao powder. 



Cheesecake                                                    $9 - pp

Raspberry & white chocolate cheesecake.

From The Cheesecake Factory!